Can you justify prostitution?

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Prostitution is one of the most controversial issues, since different factors such as money, morality, feminism or sex, among others, come into play. Therefore, it is common to generate debates about whether or not to legalize prostitution in developed places such as London, Paris, Madrid or Barcelona (putas en barcelona).

In any case, we are of the opinion that regardless of whether there is an economic exchange or not, above all there must be the dignity of women and their freedom to do with their bodies what they want, otherwise we would be preventing them from living their lives by making their own decisions.

Legalise prostitution or not?

Supporters of legalizing prostitution have a very repetitive argument. It is entertaining to outline the 5 main points of his preaching and to draw conclusions.

1. They say that if we are not prostitutes we have no say in the prostitution of prostituted women. Conclusion: in the same way, only those who paint can talk about painters or painting; only officials can give their opinion on themselves and on the function they perform. And so on, right?

2. They say those of us who oppose prostitution are white and bourgeois. I am amazed that they have a complete file of all of us – with a photo and tax return included, of course. But suppose they do and let’s come to the conclusion: then who are not bourgeois white women supporting prostitution? In other words, all the men on the planet, plus all the Asian, Amerindian, black, and other women… plus the non-bourgeois white women… Holy Mother, four lost cats in that ocean of 7400 million people that populate the earth! It’s not even worth fighting with us.

3. They say we’re antisexual. Conclusion: sex is not shared desire and pleasure. Sex is a guy you don’t want to stick his genitals in you wherever he wants and use your body for his pleasure.

4. They say we’re pious and conservative. Conclusion: Strange as it may seem, atheism and unbelief have always blessed all religions – openly or under the skin – to the point that some had temples with prostitutes at the service of believers. And, as rare as it may seem, the innovative thing is that of a lifetime: accepting that any man, by the fact that he is, can have access to women’s bodies for a fee (and, if thirdly, for free, for a difference of 20€, we are not going to get tremendous).

5. They say that we have a “narrow and mean” concept of what this “job” is because it is not just about men putting their genitals where they can fit them – €20 through it. No, I’m not, I’m not. Some ask to be flogged and whipped. Conclusion: when the “client” – who is the boss – orders the “mandá” to beat him, he empowers her even more (I say “more if it fits” because according to the pro-legalization, the other also empowers).