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Tips for your visit to Berlin

November 29, 2017

Berlin has recently become one of the¬†most visited¬†European cities. What’s more, this is an ideal destination for a bridge trip because you’ll find many and varied attractions in the German capital. If you are preparing your first trip to Berlin, these tips will be useful for your sightseeing tour, which will give you a first glimpse of what you are going to find.

I give you this advice at the end of my last tourist trip to Berlin, where I spent four days visiting the city. Looking ahead to your visit, I can tell you that Berlin is a huge city. It is the largest city in Europe, surpassing cities such as London and Paris, although with its 3.4 million inhabitants has much lower population density, which you will appreciate in your tourist days. Therefore, you have to bear in mind that when visiting Berlin it will be essential to use public transport. In particular, the not-so-new metro lines, buses and trams; the latter can only be found in the catchment area of what was once the former GDR Democratic Republic.