‘Dark’, first German TV series on Netflix

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Netflix will start December with the premiere of its first original production made entirely in Germany. Dark is a mystery series that takes place in a remote village where the disappearances of two children begin to expose the double lives and broken relationships between four families.

This project is the second collaboration between Baran bo Odar and producers Max Wiederman and Quirin Berg. Every day that passes researchers suspect that everything is related to the unexplained events that occurred in 1986, when a child was abducted without a trace.

Netflix keeps improving its contents

The first season will have 10 chapters and is directed by renowned Swiss filmmaker Baran bo Odar (Ice Silence) and written by scriptwriter and actress Jantje Friese. Dark is produced by Quirin Berg, Max Wiedermann and Justyna Müsch and starring Oliver Masucci, Karoline Eichhorn and Louis Hofmann.

Dark is an original Netflix series from the mystery thriller genre with touches of supernatural fantasy. This series is the first project that the streaming company develops that is written, filmed and produced in Germany. Netflix is emerging as one of the most powerful television producers in the industry and is increasingly investing more time and money in its own productions, so you can expect its new series to be even better than the previous ones.

Set in contemporary Germany, the series revolves around the disappearance of two children in Widen. The people look for them until the situation increasingly becomes a supernatural experience. It seems that everything is related to the unexplained events that occurred in 1986. All this mysterious disappearance will also bring to light the past and secrets of four families who discover that they are connected.

Deutschland 83, another example of German TV series

Deutschland 83 is an eight-episode German series set in the Cold War era, when a wall separated Germany into two blocks. This series focuses on Martin Rauch (interpreted by Jonas Nay), a 23-year-old guard on the German Orientan border patrol, who is supposed to infiltrate the West German army as an undercover agent.

Rauch has to act as a spy for the Stasi and is forced to completely change his identity and adopt the pseudonym Moriz Stamm. Within the rival bloc’s army, it must work for an important soldier and filter screaming information about NATO’s strategy and movements.

In a radically unknown world, constantly tempted by capitalist mechanics, Rauch will discover that no one can be trusted. The series, produced in German, is distributed by Sundance TV and is the first German-language series to be broadcast on the channel. The truth is that there is no doubt that the different historical periods in Germany offer an incomparable framework for developing television series that can be of interest to all audiences.