Does communism have any future?

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In my opinion, the future of Communism is very bleak if communists all over the world, with special emphasis on those of Europe, do not set themselves the necessary tasks to reconstitute Communism politically, ideologically and organizationally from its very foundations and well adapted to the current stage of development of capitalism, in its imperialist phase already in full rot.

The Revolutionary Cycle that began with the Great Socialist Revolution of October 1917 in Russia is over in defeat. It is now time to close this cycle properly from its full understanding, as an essential part of the tasks of that reconstitution to which I refer.

A miracle from the past?

The future of communism is the responsibility of us who are trying to make a better world. To take to the streets to show that we are not silent and to go out to support the workers in their daily struggles. To try to create a really communist vanguard party and if there is one with few people but with an interesting line to make it grow, do you think that the mass parties come out of nowhere? If we don’t give in to opportunistic or social-democratic governments that tell us they are going to give us bread and then give us coal.

It is necessary to take advantage of the difficult times ahead, we can not let more time go by and not be organized after we pass from favorable situations like Argentina in 2001 or Greece today, highly favorable situation for there to be insurrections because they hit the bottom but as there is no party able to take the reins are missed opportunities how many more we are going to miss?

The biggest challenge for communist organizations is to raise mass awareness. If this is not achieved, any kind of revolutionary encouragement is impossible. And by means of bourgeois elections it is practically impossible for the Left to come to power. Mostly because the traditional bourgeois parties monopolize the whole spectrum of propaganda and manage economic resources to finance millionaire campaigns, where the Left is clearly a tear in the middle of the ocean. And not to mention that tycoons and businessmen always contribute to campaigns for their candidates. In fact, Paul Singer contributed to the Mauricio Macri campaign in Argentina.

In any case, the fight that is lost is the one that is not given. Therefore, we must continue to put sticks in the wheel of the bourgeoisie, either with representatives in the parliaments or in the streets side by side with the working classes.

USSR used to be huge

On the right it continues to overtake us again, in a more radical way. On the right hand side, it advances racism and xenophobia in Europe, supported or turning a blind eye to the oligarchic sectors. And we still don’t realize how to leave leftism to one side and apply revolutionary theories without having to name Lenin or Stalin. Without having to name the USSR. We are citizens, we are all citizens, we proletarians are all proletarians, and from the communist sector, people speak disdainfully against citizens if they do not think alike.

Since the fall of the USSR, a “fetish” of communism has been created, which is not that it is wrong, but that it is passive and useless in these times. This is a reason for the oligarchy to mock in the press and in public debates, creating an alienation in favour of capital even if the citizens do not want it.

Is capitalism the best system for the future?

We live in a full corruption of the world, people already know the shit that fills the streets. But people continue to fall back into false oligarchic policies without any real progress. That means that we communists don’t do our homework well, we don’t know how to deal with the oligarchy. In an equation, there are hundreds of formulas to arrive at a single result. It is not a question of continuing, as they said, a deterministic future that leads to the elimination of the State and of money. It is a question of arming the people ideologically with their own minds, because it has been taken away from them.

Thinking for oneself today is the most daring thing. Establish a basis for gradually reconstructing the equation that is formulated by the elimination of the State and of money, and for living in what is now called, as a political tool, utopia.