Top ten best family excursions near Malaga (Spain)

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More than 15,000 km², that is, almost a fifth of the area of Andalusia’s protected natural area. The highest proportion compared to the rest of the autonomous communities.

The diversity and richness of its landscapes is simply amazing. This natural beauty, along with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, makes Andalusia a real paradise for lovers of outdoor life.

Our ten favorite family excursions

All selected activities have been tested with young children. They have been made in areas of immense natural beauty and are open to the general public. Keep in mind that for many of the activities it is necessary to rent the right equipment, such as kayaks and bicycles. And in the case of the Nerja Caves, it is the only excursion on the list that requires an entrance. To get to each of these places, it is estimated a maximum of hours from the centre of Malaga, in the most distant case.

We hope you enjoy these experiences as much as we did and appreciate the importance and fragility of the environment around us. Please respect her: -). The conservation of our environment deserves all the efforts we can give it.
Kayaking at Maro beach

Kayaking from Burriana to Maro

Kayak de Burriana a Maro

There is a paradise hidden in the cliffs of Maro that you can only discover on board a kayak. The route starts at the beach of Burriana and reaches the beach of Maro, along cliffs, waterfalls, mysterious caves and crystalline waters. Try it, you will be as fascinated as I am!

Monachil suspension bridges

Monachil Suspension Bridges, Granada

This activity is always a success for the families who do it. An Indiana Jones-style tour. The hanging bridges will leave you with your mouth open, as will waterfalls, river pools, caves and tunnels along a spectacular landscape.

Read this for more information about the Hanging Bridges of the Cahorros in Monachil

Swimming in Los Bermejales Reservoir

Embalse Bermejales, Granada

Bermejales Reservoir, Granada

The Bermejales Reservoir is a real joy to take a jump and submerge in its crystalline and warm waters. Ideal to spend a day in a kayak, rent a pedal hydrofoot, whatever you want.

Natural pools in La Resinera

Pozas en La Resinera, Fornes, Granada

Pools in La Resinera, Fornes, Granada

These natural pools are located within the Natural Park of Sierras Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama, next to Fornes, close to Bermejales. These natural swimming pools are formed near the source of one of the cleanest rivers in Andalusia: the Cebollón River. If you’re thinking of an idyllic picnic spot, this is the place… And as a hiking area, it’s unbeatable.


Torcal de Antequera Nature Reserve

The Torcal of Antequera

El Torcal de Antequera

This whole area was submerged under the sea about 100 million years ago. Fossils are constantly appearing, and this is one of the most striking karst formations in Europe.

Some of these rock formations are already called sphinx, pitcher, camel and screw. So put your imagination to flying and see what these special formations suggest to you. There are three marked routes and three different levels. I suggest a backpack with a good picnic and you’ll have a wonderful day exploring the Torcal.

Cycling along Via Verde de la Sierra

Via Verde de la Sierra, Cadiz

Via Verde de la Sierra, Cadiz

The Greenway of the Sierra extends from Olvera to Puerto Serrano. It was voted the best green road in Europe in 2009 and came second for “excellence” in 2013. Your bike ride will cross tunnels of varying length, bridges, viaducts, lush valleys, banks, and even passes through some of the most protected natural monuments in Andalusia. It is also the largest colony of griffon vultures nesting in Europe.

Here you can find more information about La Via verde de la Sierra.

Hiking in Alhama de Granada

Alhama de Granada

Granada Alhama

Alhama de Granada is a place that has inspired poets and travellers alike over the centuries. Romantic traveller Teófilo Gautier summed up this environment as if it were “Hanging on a huge rock or peak like an eagle’s nest”. The name Alhama is derived from the Arabic Al-Hammam, which means thermal baths.

La garganta offers some hiking trails, picnic areas, swimming spots in the summer months and, of course, thermal baths.

Bird observatory at the mouth of the Guadalhorce River

Bird observatory at the Guadalhorce estuary

Observatorio de aves desembocadura del Guadalhorce

This natural park is only 15 minutes from Malaga airport. A place of peace and tranquillity, and at the same time, an important ornithological point, and paradise for birdwatchers, located on one of the main migration routes from Africa to Europe. There are also some routes for mountain biking and hiking.

Visit to the Caves of Nerja

Caves of Nerja

Cuevas de Nerja

One of the best splintered treasures on the Costa del Sol, and wonder of nature. These caves, so visited, are home to impressive stalactites and stalagmites. A very mysterious visit ideal for the family.

More information about the Caves of Nerja here.

Excursion by the Chillar River

Rio Chillar, Nerja

Rio Chillar, Nerja

One of the classic walks around the province of Malaga, is the well known hiking route along the Chillar River, in Nerja.

A refreshing excursion, because without doubt you will have to make some sections inside the water, but at the same time very funny!

The weekends and summer months are usually quite busy here, but it’s worth it. Do you want to know how was our adventure on the Chillar River? We’ll tell you about it here.