What to visit in the Red District of Amsterdam

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To visit the red district of Amsterdam you will have to go to the city centre. This district is located to the left of the Central Station of Amsterdam and is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. In the past, it was a very popular neighborhood and a well-known prostitution center. Due to this activity of mrvideosdesexo, it has always kept the same location, since the visitors who arrived in the city by train, used to frequent the Red District and thus, little by little, was earning the fame that enjoys today.

If you are going to visit the Res District, the first thing you should do is to spend some time walking around and getting imbued with its architecture. To visit the Red District (Rossebuurt, in Dutch), means to get lost by its old and winding cobblestone streets dating from the 14th century. Walking around the area you will be able to admire the Old Church (Oude Kerk) and delight yourself with its strange and inclined buildings, even its canals and the trees that accompany them.

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Apart from the famous prostitutes, in the Red District you can find a lot of Sex Shops or the Amsterdam Erotic Museum. It is also packed with Coffee Shops, as visiting the Red District is actually visiting Amsterdam’s slums… a place that has often been defined as “sex, drugs and Rock&Roll”. However, visiting Barrio Rojo is also to visit the oldest area of the city, its buildings were, many of them, the first to exist in Amsterdam and just for this reason, the Red District has a historical importance that no one can take away.

The red light district of Amsterdam, even though it is immersed in prostitution and vicissitude, is a totally safe neighbourhood. It is advisable to be careful with pickpockets, a common fact not only in the Red District but in all the tourist streets of a large European city. It is also advisable that you do not go into the dark and lonely streets at night. Recently the neighbourhood has been renovated, facades are being restored and restaurants, hotels and shops of all kinds are being opened… However, the clientele that frequents the neighbourhood is also changing, and the area that used to be a dark and sordid part of the city is becoming one of the fashionable places in the centre of Amsterdam.

It is strictly forbidden to take pictures of prostitutes, many of them if they see you with the camera will close the window, and if you annoy them you can look for trouble. It is also important to know that prostitutes in the Netherlands have annual check-ups, but this does not prevent them from having a sexually transmitted disease, which is why, if you decide to request their services, always use protective systems.