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‘Dark’, first German TV series on Netflix

December 7, 2017

Netflix will start December with the premiere of its first original production made entirely in Germany. Dark is a mystery series that takes place in a remote village where the disappearances of two children begin to expose the double lives and broken relationships between four families.

This project is the second collaboration between Baran bo Odar and producers Max Wiederman and Quirin Berg. Every day that passes researchers suspect that everything is related to the unexplained events that occurred in 1986, when a child was abducted without a trace.


All you need to know about sex in Germany

December 4, 2017

According to their own statements, men in Germany have already slept with an average of ten partners in their lives, while women have only slept with five partners. This is the result of a representative study on sexual behaviour in Germany, which has now been published in the “Deutsche Ă„rzteblatt”. 2524 people aged 14 and over were surveyed by questionnaire.

Ten to five? Even though men are more likely to see themselves as seducers and women as difficult to conquer, the ratio seems surprisingly high and is statistically difficult to explain, just like porno chileno. These differences are not new: The researchers around the first author Julia Haversath from the Technical University of Braunschweig write that such discrepancies have already arisen in sexual research to date. Psychologists from Hildesheim, Jena and Hanover were also involved.


Why did the Berlin Wall come down?

December 4, 2017

On November 9,1989 the unthinkable happened in Germany. The Berlin Wall, which split the present German capital in two and became the symbol of the division of the German people during the Cold War, fell after 28 years of construction. Only days before this event, Berliners, both western and eastern, maintained the feeling that this 155-kilometre-long wall was insurmountable and indestructible.

However, it did happen. The wall collapsed after a series of political and social events and triggered the euphoria of Germans and citizens from other parts of the world who learned about the event through news cables or satellite images. The morning after the first night that marked the beginning of the fall of the wall and with it other events that took place at the end of the Cold War, the then mayor of West Berlin, Walter Momper, said in a speech: “Last night the German people were the happiest people in the world”.


‘The Deuce’, a TV series that talks about porn

November 29, 2017

David Simon is being held at an altar. Quite well deserved, on the other hand, is the world of television’s reverence for the Baltimore author. Their series draw attention, are dense and tell a world that we didn’t know we were so interested in. But it’s also true that it feels bad to be in such high esteem because his style gets greedy, sailing in a sea of vanity that can frighten away. Once this first season is over, I have to confess that I have been beaten little by little.

‘The Deuce’ is a luxurious series and it seems paradoxical because of the fact that it deals with the holes where New York’s unwanted end up. But it’s luxurious you porn because of the names that sign it, because at HBO they trust David Simon and George Pelicanos to simmer a story about a subject as taboo as the sex industry. One of the environments in which the US has been a step behind in terms of visibility with respect to most of Europe.